Imagine a place where you don’t have to have it all figured out.

A space where you can show up exactly as you are.

Bring your story.

Tell it candidly.

Take a step back and a deep breath,

As you find your way forward.

conversations at the cottage

The Coaching Cottage offers one-to-one and group coaching services for high-achieving women. We’ll meet in the middle - where personal and professional collide. This is a safe place, so curl up on the couch with a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and finally say everything that’s on your mind,  from the fears holding you back to your relentless hope for the future. Because while no one can make the hard decisions for you - you don’t have to carry it all alone.

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“The world belongs to those who work hard and keep moving forward”

Then, life took an unexpected turn and it stopped you in your tracks. Your world was shaken. You’re still standing but not sure of your next move.

might’ve been your motto...until now.

conversations at the cottage

is space to breathe, to set it all down just for a moment as you get your bearings, gather your courage and reconnect to the strength that exists quietly beneath the overwhelm, the eleventy-billion decisions, and the competing demands - that steady strength that right now, in this moment, feels far away and not enough.

Here at the Cottage, you’ll find someone to listen without judgment, walk beside you through the chaos of this moment, and remind you that, “You’ve got this.” even when it’s hard to believe. Because we’ve all had enough isolation lately to last a lifetime.

from shaken to self-assured.

Trouble Conceiving
A sick partner
Aging parents
Death of a loved one
A new baby
Taking on a new role at work
Planning a wedding
Losing a job

You’re used to juggling a lot and thriving but the equilibrium of your life has been thrown off by…

Conversations at the Cottage is a place to step outside of the storm, reconnect with yourself, find clarity and make a plan.

Because under the stress and indecision, under the second-guessing and overwhelm you’re still the capable, confident woman you’ve always been - we’ll find our way back to her together.

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And suddenly you’re not sure how the pieces of your life fit together anymore.

You need to find a way to make sure the things that matter don’t slip through the cracks.

And most of all, you want to feel like the confident, calm, successful woman you were before.

It’s not about digging up childhood wounds or recounting past trauma. Therapy often focuses on how the past influences your present, strives to make a diagnosis and looks to manage symptoms with coping strategies.

Coaching is focused on the present (what’s happening right now) and the future (where you want to be and how you’ll get there).

think of it this way...

Every Olympic athlete has a coach. Someone to help them come up with the best strategy, cheer them on, hold them accountable to their training and debrief after each competition. It’s still up to the individual athlete to show up, do her best, and implement the strategy.

Your coach is here to ask questions, listen deeply, share tools and strategies and support you as you find the best path forward for you. Only you can do the work and create change in your life.

Action is necessary to move from overwhelm to under control.

coaching is not therapy

Coaching is a relationship between a coach and client that involves conversations around where you’re stuck, what goals you have, and what steps you’ll take to get there.

If you and your coach decide you are a good fit, you will meet every two weeks. Your coach will ask questions, share tools and strategies you maybe haven’t tried yet, and hold you accountable for making progress between sessions.

If you love a sense of community and peer support, group coaching might be the best fit for you. We’ll spend 2 ½ hours together every month. We’ll begin by everyone checking in, so you’ll have an opportunity to share what’s going on with you. We’ll mix it up with some smaller groups of two or three throughout the meeting to work through goals or the question or topic at hand (resilience for example).  And then we’ll meet back up at the end to share the steps each of us will take to apply what you’ve learned over the next two weeks.

group coaching
one on one coaching
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Everything is confidential whether you choose one on one coaching or group coaching.

you have a choice

What I loved about working with Amanda is that you know she really cares about your success.

She remembers what you tell her and continues to integrate those thoughts as she works with you over time. Amanda also "hears" between the lines. She picks up on nuances that others may miss.

- Executive Director

Hi, I'm Amanda

meet your coach

I’m a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and mom to an active, blended family. I know first-hand how our personal and professional lives often collide. As an executive coach, corporate trainer, facilitator, and consultant there were times when the challenges I faced in my personal life impacted my career and I felt like I had no choice but to “soldier on” because that’s what was expected. I found the help I needed through coaching and therapy. And I created The Coaching Cottage as a safe space for women to discuss the intersection of work and home. A place to talk about the challenges and work towards the goals we have in all areas of our lives.  

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I want you to know...

You can get through this. In fact, you can grow through this.

Even if your life never quite looks the same again - you can find a way to thrive. Even if you don’t feel ready (we rarely do) when you show up with an open mind and a willingness to do the work you can emerge with unshakable confidence in yourself because you’ve got the tools to manage whatever life throws at you. And that confidence will become the foundation of your new life.

We’re all figuring things out as we go, course-correcting and navigating obstacles the best we can - take the pressure off yourself to figure it all out on your own.

The coaches and facilitators I've brought on board have been there too. They’ve juggled home and work and struggled to figure out how to stay afloat. They’ve managed crises of confidence, career, and capabilities. They’ve navigated international moves, lost jobs they loved, lost parents and partners, and cared for themselves and their loved ones through an illness. They come with great credentials, but most importantly, they've been through similar struggles themselves and know how to walk alongside someone else as they navigate this time in their lives.

It’s for the woman who has lost the balance and flow of her life and is ready to enlist support, shift priorities and find a new approach so she can get back to thriving. 

I created Conversations at the Cottage for any woman who has that one extra thing she’s struggling with.

Learning, connecting on a deeper level with others in the group, dedicated time for self-reflection.

I loved seeing the team reflect, the comparison from our very first meeting to this one and the depth of communication was just so different, it was great.

- Executive Director

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