Your goals are worth achieving.

Whether you’re busy putting out fires or juggling competing demands on your time, or the pandemic has reshaped your life and you’re struggling to get back to your previous, goal-slaying self...whatever the case, your personal and professional goals keep slipping to the bottom of the list (it happens to all of us).

And that goal which felt so exciting and attainable feels farther and farther away.

Because every time you miss a deadline, push back your timeline or set aside your goal in order to deal with something more urgent - you lose momentum. And every time you stop it gets harder and harder to start again.

You’ve always been able to articulate what you want and you wouldn’t be the successful woman you are today if you didn’t know how to go after it but lately…

You find yourself getting side-tracked. And the progress you’ve made seems to have...stalled.

But you’re not ready to walk away. 

Not yet.

Because there’s a quiet, tenacious voice deep inside that isn’t ready to let you give up. It’s time to give her the mic and the support she needs. Because keeping the promises you make to yourself are just as important as keeping your promises to others.

learning circles

Peer coaching and group support for smart, savvy women who’ve got personal or professional goals they’re ready to achieve. Let the inspiration and accountability of a learning circle propel you across the finish line.

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Whether you want to...
Change your habits (from meal prepping to people pleasing)

Get organized (from closets to finances)

Shift your mindset (more self-confidence, new leadership style)

Find balance (between strategy and execution, between work and life)

A learning circle can provide the support and commitment you need to make your goals a reality.

Amanda's workshops have really challenged me to think critically about myself. 

I have walked away from each session feeling more self aware and confident in my ability to achieve my professional goals 

- Executive Director

use the next 90 days to get closer to your goal. let the momentum of the group fuel you.

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how it works

You’ll set individual goals within the group that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, realistic, and time-based.

You’ll break down the steps you need to take over the next 90 days to reach or make progress on your goal.

The group will provide support and accountability.

You’ll meet every 2 weeks to share your progress, talk through any obstacles, encourage one another, and declare your next steps.

It’s time to prove to yourself you can do this. To be courageous in the pursuit of the things that bring you joy, fulfillment, and a sense of accomplishment. To show up every day committed to taking the next small step. To celebrate the milestones and encourage one another as you work towards your own definition of a meaningful, balanced, successful life.

Achieving our dreams requires discipline but on the hardest days, it’s the support and encouragement that can only be found in community that helps us keep taking action.  

Because the most important thing is the person you become in order to achieve your goals.

You can create the space and conditions that allow you to move forward by surrounding yourself with the inspiration of others who are determined to reach their goals.

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Personal Branding

Navigating change can be uncomfortable, confusing, and scary. But as the seasons effortlessly move from fall and winter to spring and summer they show us we can all learn to embrace change and move through it with a little more grace and a little less stress. If you’re open to it, change can be an opportunity for personal growth.

classes at the cottage

Whether you need to redefine yourself after job loss, create an elevator pitch for your next networking event or get clear on who you are as a professional and leader at this stage of life - the Personal Branding class will help you get clarity and communicate your value. In this class, you’ll be guided through exercises to help you create your personal branding overview and learn to communicate your personal identity in 90 sec or less.

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Increasing your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) directly affects how successful we are, in life and at work. In this class, you’ll learn why EI so important, identify where you’re at and where you could make adjustments. And best of all, you’ll leave with a personalized action plan to improve your emotional intelligence immediately.

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Establishing Your Best Morning and Evening Routines

How we start and end the day has a considerable impact on our mental and physical health. In this class, you’ll learn to create and implement a personalized morning and evening routine. Join us to explore how you can set yourself up for success, sleep better and improve your decision making by designing your day in a way that best supports you.

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If you have a topic you’d love to see us cover - tell us about it here.

These classes are designed to help you navigate change as you step into a new role or start a new chapter in your life and integrate everything you’ve learned into a wiser you.

Every month we’ll add a new class. If you want to be the first to know when a new class arrives at the Cottage sign up here.

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